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Bricks, Brick Specials & Pavers

We stock a range of quality reclaimed bricks, alongside our new Imperial handmade brick collection, in both metric and imperial sizes, which are a suitably sustainable option when used as an add on to existing building or for a complete new build.

Just some of our range include Soft Red, Reclamation Soft Red, Tumbled Soft Red, Clamp, Yellow Stock, Reclamation Yellow Stock, Yellow Multi Stock, Farmhouse Orange, Country Blend, Reclamation Shire Blend, Urban Weathered, Oxford Yellow Multi, Georgian, Pre War Common, Victorian Wirecut to name but a few.

We also stock a range of Brick Specials.

With new stock normally arriving weekly, please call us if you don't see what you need.

Working closely with architects, planners & the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission for England, we can supply an independent brick matching service to help your project along the way.


Call us now on 01296 711772 / 07542 651611 or email

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